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Pair of Mogul Ceremonial Chairs

This pair of intricately carved, wooden chairs, were made for a Maharajah and a Rani, as ceremonial seats circa 1850. In traditional Mogul style, this pair have bronze Tiger heads as a symbol of power, on each arm rest. These princes of the South Western States of India, kept Tigers in their palaces, beleiving that the Tiger represented the power and strength of their dynasty's. The crushed velvet is a rich shade of cream, contrasting with the black wood. Inserted in the arms of the chairs are enamelled tiles depicting the Prince and Princess that they were made for.

Item reference: DZ315
Circa: 1850
Dimensions: His - 60cm Width - 58cm Depth - 93cm Height - Hers - 60cm Width - 52cm Depth - 93cm Height
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