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Martin Baker Aluminium Ejector Seat

Martin Baker Aircraft Co. Ltd Was Founded As An Aircraft Manufacturer In 1934 By Captain (Later Sir) James Martin And Captain Valentine Baker And Later Became A Pioneer In The Field Of Ejection Seats. This Ejector Seat Is From A Two Seater Buccaneer Fighter Jet, Which Has Been Stripped And Polished To A Mirror Finish. The Buccaneer Was a Mid - Wing, Twin-Engine Monoplane, With A Crew Of Two In A Tandem-Seat Arrangement. The Buccaneer Was One of The Largest Aircraft To Operate From British Aircraft Carriers, And Continued Operating From Them Until The Last Conventional Carrier Was Withdrawn in 1978.

Originally By Operating Either The Seat Pan Or Face Blind Firing Handles It Would Initiate The Aircraft Canopy Jettison, As The Canopy Clears An Interlock Is Removed Which Allows The Main Gun Located At The Rear Of The Seat To Fire, The Main Gun Is A Telescopic Tube With Two Explosive Charges That Fire In Sequence. As The Seat Moves Up Its guide Rails An Emergency Oxygen Supply Is Activated And Personal Equipment Tubing And Communication Leads Are Automatically Disconnected, Leg Restraints Also Operate.

As The Seat Moves Further Up And Out Of The Aircraft The Rocket Pack Is Fired By A Lanyard Attached To The Cockpit Floor. A Steel Rod, Known As The Drogue Gun, Is Fired And Extracts Two Small Parachutes To Stabilise The Seat's Descent Path. A Barostatic Mechanism Prevents The Main Parachute From Opening Above Altitude Of 10,000 ft (3,000 m) A Time Delay Mechanism Operates The Main Parachute Below This Altitude In Conjunction With Another Device To Prevent The Parachute Opening At High Speed. The Seat Then Separates From The Pilot For A Normal Parachute Descent, A Manual Separation Handle Is Provided Should The Automatic System Fail. This Ejector Seats Parachute Is Intact And Still Remains On The Seat


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Item reference: DZ10
Circa: 1980
Dimensions: Height 155 cm - Width 50cm - Height of Seat 57cm
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