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Three Maison Bagues Brass Stools

This trio of buttoned leather topped stools, have a solid brass frame and legs, making these sturdy seats. The solid brass base imitates three, stems of bamboo held with a brass ring, a popular theme with makers Maison Bagues, in the late thirties and early forties and heavily revived in the seventies.These stools have the original 1930's leather tops,patinaed naturally with some wearin the creases. 

Maison Bagues began in Paris in 1860, with the advancement of electricity, Bagues became synonymus with luxury lighting,. Victor and Robert Bagues took the business over from their father, in 1920 . Extending the company to incorporate many decorators and designers in the coming years, including Raymond Sabes, Armand Albert Rateau and Jansen.Between WW1 and WW2 Maison Bagues established showrooms worldwide, expanding into wrought iron work, making gates and bannisters commissioned for buildings such as the Champs Elysee Theatre. 

Item reference: DZ350
Circa: 1930's
Dimensions: 66cm Height - 30cm Diameter at feet
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